Sunday, August 30, 2009

Posture and Armor Plating Part 2

In this post we'll correct the posture of the bloodletter and see some general gap filling and smoothing tips on GS work.

Stage 1
We’ll cut the torso at the waist, straighten it out matching the back groove where the spine piece goes. Pin the two pieces back together with using some pin material and a pin vise.

Fill the gap with GS and smooth it out a little, one of the quickest ways to smooth it out is by simply dragging your finger gently across the GS. Put a little water or lotion on prior to doing that. The goal is not just too smooth it out, but also to blend it in to get a smooth transition from plastic to GS.

Stage 2
Allow stage 1 to cure for awhile. In this stage we want to make the area we created in stage one to look like it has abdominal muscles. Roll out a small sausage of GS, and place it approximately where shown on the pic below.

Blend the edges of the sausage into to the torso with fingers and/or sculpting tools. If I use tools I’m generally using the round cup chisel or the tapered round to do the blending. Once the edges of the sausage is blended into the torso I'll use the round cup chisel to do some general correcting of the sausage to rid it of any possible ridges.
Below you see me blending in the GS with the tapered round.

Now we need to define the abdominal muscle, again I'll use the tapered round and gently add an indentation down the center.

And the final product, shown below. Allow this to cure a little and do the next set of abdominal muscles.

Next post, we're ready for the actual armor plating of the miniatures, but the thing to take out of this how to smooth out the GS, which is critical to making armor plates.

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