Sunday, October 27, 2013

My newest Coyote project

So I have a new kart building project.  This one will be for sprint track racing and not ovals.  I picked this up used this weekend, one god awful shade of green, but a kart with history and at the right price.  This kart won WKA nationals in 2005.  A long time ago, and I plan to revitalize it as we rebuild my oval kart.  Probably will strip it down in couple of weeks and send everything to the powder coaters.  Then I need to get a sprint body, which will likely share the same paint scheme as the oval kart. 
Been an expensive week as this is the second Coyote I bought this week, the first being a Coyote 5 liter in a new Mustang GT ( and holy crap does it have some power)  which I traded in my old 2003 for and now this Coyote racing chassis.  So winter projects galore.

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