Friday, May 4, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...1st Race & Win

First asphalt race of the season was on tonight.  I was watching the weather radar all day and the storms held of to get both Heat Races in, but not the Feature.  So the bummer was the rain out.

Heat Race #1
1st Heat Race of the season they placed on the starting grid by drawing numbers.  I drew a pretty low number and started on the inside of Row 2.  Last week I was easily the fastest kart on the track in our class.  So coming into tonight my father copied my set-up.  In the warm-up laps it made a huge difference as he was very fast.  The class like last season is a mixed engine class.  So the guy on pole has flathead Briggs which is down on power and the two outside me were both running Animal 206s like me.  That's not good, plus the guy in front of me has a limited amount of race experience.  So I warned him that I was going to push to get him going as I have more torque and horsepower.  The plan kind of worked, but there was a huge pile up behind us that collected half the field including my dad.  So complete restart work the plan again I pushed Richard out to front and settled into third.  Another pile up involving the same people as the first.  So now single file restart.  I jumped on the second place kart and passed after the second green lap was complete, then got to Richard and got around him. Pulled ahead by a straight away, and Nooooooooooooo.....another yellow.  This time someone flat out wrecked my dad, destroyed his left rear rim and bent his rear axle which ended his night.  It was kind of stupid how they did the clean up having us run lap after lap under yellow, but finally after about 10-12 laps under yellow they got the race back going.  I lead them down single file slowly, applied the brake and hammered the gas to get the revs up prior to the line that we go on, got off the brake and took off.  Had a straight away lead by the Checker Flag.... WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.....YES.  First race of the season and a win.   yeah baby!!!

Heat Race #2
Inverted the field, so I went to the back.  We did not have an axle for my dad's kart, had a spare tire and rim, but our crew can't straighten that thing out.  So I gained a spot the bad way before the race even started.  So I started last by lap two I was in third passed four karts.  Ran behind the 73 who was running a clone.  I ran against Bryan last season and he was a lot of fun to race with.  I was faster down the straights and trying to avoid the carnage I just got in behind him and pushed him for two laps so we could get away from people.  So then I tried to pass him and he kept chopping my nose off in turn 3.  I got impatient the third lap of doing that and got under him, but touched his rear bumper spinning him out coming off the high bank in turn four.  So I got sent to the back with Bryan right in front of me.  Only 3 laps left, I knew the rain was coming.  We got restarted, two laps left I let Bryan do the work on the one kart in front of us and passed him also.  So then I jumped on Bryan really low and bogged down a bit out of the corner until I started bouncing and in the seat to get the rpms back up.   It worked like last year, got the speed and passed Bryan clean set my sights on the two and needed 6 inches to get the spot at the checkered flag.  So I finished fourth.  The rain then came and that was it for the night.  Need more patience, shouldn't have got into Bryan there, but he seemed to be okay with it.  Next time.

BUT its still one win and damn I'm fast.  So far so good.  But we also need to repair the damage on Deathwish's kart so the old man can get back into it.  Probably get a new axle by Tuesday, if not we will still one from one of our dirt karts.

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