Saturday, April 7, 2012

Goal #1 Complete

Race Season quickly approaches paralleling Adepticon.  Went and spent the day with Old man Deathwish, got the kart finished, including decaling.    Then sat down in it on the scales under all four tires, working out getting the nose weight, left side weight, and cross weight ratios close to what we think will work, using a base line from last season to get there.  Then ran the engine for an hour or so to get in some break-in on the new engine and adjust the idle a bit.

The new speedway laydown seat will take some time getting used to, but boy do I fell low and good in the kart.  And speaking of low, I think I may get some sparks off the underbelly this season, could not do that last season as the nose was way up in the air.  All in all, I feel good about the set up, I think all of the off season changes will make a big difference.  We will find out in 10 days.