Friday, April 27, 2012

Another practice night at the Track

Adepticon behind me, so the focus this week was on the race track.  The good thing coming out of this second practice session tonight was that I was able to duplicate and improve upon what I did last week.  We a slight adjustment on the cross weight percentage to mimic the lead weight that I put on the kart towards the end of last week's practice.  And we went up in tire pressure 7 psi on the right sides and 5 psi on the left sides.  Went out and I looped in the corner on the first lap at speed.  Ran the rest of the laps on that session and found it a bit too loose but not bad.  Track was really cold and air temp tonight was in the low 50's F.  Came off the track and dropped 1 psi, went back out and ran really good, running 11 sec flat laps.  Felt pretty good.  Took 1/2 psi out of the right sides to see if it was better.  Went out with just my old man, gave him a straightway lead and ran him down.  Definitely think I found the right gear.   Went and did a second stint while hot with a big group.  Left some big gaps and ran down one kart with the Animal 206 and one with the Clone and blew by both of them.  Its a great feeling being fast.  Everything seems to be clicking thus far.  Noticed a bit of a backfire.  Got to the end of the night and noticed I lost an exhaust header bolt and sheared off the other.  So the night ended on a sour note.  Now I have broken bolt in the head to get out.  Think I caught it in time not to damage anything in the engine.  So should be okay.

So next week will be the real test, Race #1.  Can I be fast when it counts with a bunch of karts on the track and the adrenaline pumping.  I know come next Friday afternoon the butterflies will come.  It's great to feel alive and fast.


  1. Sounds intense! That broken bolt reminds me of my younger days with VW air cooled engines. The whole hassle with removing studs and bolts and having to re-tap the threading. Best, Dean

  2. Yep, it's intense. I'm enjoying the fact that I have driven enough laps on dirt that I can drive a really loose kart. Tonight I tried all kinds of lines in and off the corner and found some things. It was a blast.

    The bolt sucks. Thankfully that was a common thing with British Motorcycles also and my old man had to do that alot with his Triumph's and BSA's. I know he is more skilled at such things than I am. He also had one on his back out tonight. So we need to figure out why that is happening.