Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Wow, I actually have a weekend off, which has not happend since Christmas.  Still not completely over my cold.  So last night did not feel like painting, so went out and then very late worked on some conversions.  Today is filled with tons of catch-up cleaning that is long over due, a run to the local race fabrication shop to bend up some pieces that are needed for the old 51 Ford, painting and hopefully finishing the Crusaders, reading more articles about how stupid Jim Irsay the owner of the Indianapolis Colts is (Cannot stand that guy and all the stupid things that come out of his mouth).  And no I don't see the parallels with Favre and Packers, that was different, Favre actually quit, then when the redneck changed his mind he was told he could compete for the job with Rodgers, there was no way he was going to beat out Rodgers and he knew it.

And I see the local speedway has their track meeting scheduled for rules discussion, which won't be a discussion, it'll be a dictation.  And of course the first open track practice is scheduled for the week that Adepticon starts.  Racing and wargaming collide.  Actually the open track is on a Tuesday night, I'll be going to Adepticon on Friday.  That will be a busy week indeed, as I need to do that open track session to shake down the new kart and make sure it handles right.  Handling on a highbank even at these speeds is critical.  You have to keep your momentum up, and its not really fun hitting the wall at 50 mph.  They also have an open track time the following week.  The kart is not completed yet, got way behind with work, so have to get started with that.  Looking forward to the new race season, hopefully they do not change the tire rules.  And I may even have a couple of sponsers this year in addition to my old man's Archery Shop, which is cool. 


  1. Great to hear you have a weekend off; lots of projects you have lined up; best wishes on all of them. Dean

  2. Thanks Dean much appreciated. Having fun thus far.